Why measure Power Quality?

Why measure Power Quality?

Measuring energy and power quality gives you the foundation to optimize your power and transmission network and make cost savings.

There is increasing demand for continuous access to power (supply quality) and disturbance free power (power quality). This increases the requirement for continuous and reliable monitoring of the power consumed. Each disturbance that occurs reduces the quality of delivery and power and thereby gives an increased cost.

However, many Industries and utility companies now utilize power quality monitoring systems as an “early warning” system, for example to quickly detect intermittent ground faults before they become full-scale failures with downtime and costly production losses.

As power quality systems and their analysis capabilities have increasingly become more powerful, there are opportunities to work with statistics and trends in a way previously not possible. For example seeing how voltage fluctuations and harmonic levels change on a yearly basis one can get control over how the grid reacts to current levels of planning.

Supplementing energy measurement with power quality measurement gives the information to display the cause of energy losses. Then a decision for the most cost efficient action can be made.


“If you can’t measure, you can’t manage”