SATA NIGERIA – Your partner in Power Quality

Power quality issues can affect multiple aspects of your business, with a long list of destructive and costly effects.

In modern energy supply a wide range of single and three-phase, non-linear loads are used in industrial networks right through to office blocks. These include lighting equipment such as lighting controls for headlamps or low energy bulbs, numerous frequency converters for heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, frequency converters for automation technology or lifts, as well as the entire IT infrastructure with the typically used regulated switched mode power supplies.

All of these non-linear electrical loads cause grid distortion effects to a greater or lesser extent, with a distortion of the original “clean” sinusoidal form. This results in the current or voltage waveform being distorted in the same way.

The reliable operation of modern plants and systems always demands a high degree of supply reliability and good power quality.